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We are committed to improving healthcare and driving positive change – by developing new ideas and exploring uncharted territory. By establishing Healthcare Solutions, we are strengthening our position as one of the nation’s leading ICT providers in this field. We are able to offer a comprehensive one-stop portfolio of innovative solutions for preventive healthcare, medical treatment, administration and more. Take the S2I hospital information system, including the S2IM mobile app. This solution already streamlines the work of more 100 Indian hospitals and over 50,000 users on a daily basis. Across India, we employ over 15000 phlebo's for country's largest network of diagnostics outlets. Moreover, we have taken stakes in start-ups such as SensorCloud, Ayurvedversity and Ayurved Pediatric Innovations. And we have invested in forward-looking business models such as the Nocancer data center.

Hospital & Specialty Clinics

A Global Healthcare IT Transformation Company that helps healthcare service providers to care patients & manage resources well through the best practices and word class technology.

Purchasing a Hospital Information System is one of the largest & a very crucial decisions and investments a hospital will ever make. Selecting the right solution and a solution providercan transform any hospital into a productive hospital.

S2IIL is a front-runner in healthcare information technology solutions that provides an end to end solution to hospitals and clinics to enhance medical, economic and operational results. eHAT range of products comprises of a platform that pulls together patient demographics, medical & clinical records, imaging & PACS, insurance & claims data, management information intelligence, patient relationship management portal and billing in an unified manner.

Our Clients have chosen us because we’ve proven time and again that our solutions perform under the most demanding administrative and clinical conditions. Our post implementation support and on-going investment in upgrading our products technically & clinically.

Following is our entire range of products that can help any hospital, chain of hospitals or speciality clinics to transform into a better managed healthcare centre.

  • eHAT Enterprise
  • eHAT Multia
  • eHAT Slim<

EMR & Specialty Solutions

  • eHAT General Practice
  • eHAT Onco

eHAT Onco is a mix of Oncology EHR, an application that handles entire Chemotherapy Management, TNM & Group Staging, Advanced Practice Management, Patient Engagement Platform, Hospital Information Management and a predictive cancer Analytics platform. EhatOnco is an entirely web-based electronic medical record (EMR) platform for oncologiests. Oncology is an under-served specialty, with few EMR software vendors willing to take on the challenge of addressing the complex dosage management requirements in oncology. EhatOnco provides critical oncology EMR functionality, such as managing chemotherapy protocols, managing all clinical records, electronic & automated prescribing, clinical benchmarking, SOAP, doctor visit notes, multiple staging & assessments and many more. It also comes with the patient portal for appointment booking and viewing & managing patient’s health records.

ParSight is a robust technology platform with great analytical capabilities to access and explore structured and unstructured cancer data.ParSight reads, mines and analyzes multiple data systems and repositories, access complete clinical and patient information and allow the physicians to apply the right information. It enables oncologists to discover similar patterns, find insights to take next steps, make more informed decisions and ultimately improve the quality of cancer care. It provides the means and necessary information to the physicians and enables them to adapt treatment and care delivery pathway to each patient. With its deep analytical capabilities and interoperable health information system technology, ParSight enables better decision-making at every point along the care continuum.

  • eHAT Procto
  • eHAT Ortho
  • eHAT Genesis (IVF)

Diagnostic & Laboratories

  • eHAT DIS
  • eHAT LIS
  • eHAT RIS

PACS & Advanced Imaging

  • Image-In Box
  • Enterprise Imaging (Advanced PACS)

Value Added Solutions

  • Patient Portal
  • Online Appointment Solutions
  • eHAT Mobility Solutions
  • Strategic IT Outsourcing & Staffing

Turnkey IT Solutions

  • Structured Hospital IT Setup
  • Hybrid IT Solutions

Consulting Solution

  • E2E Hospital Project Management
  • Hospital IT Audits

HealthCare IT Services

  • Healthcare Software Outsourcing
  • Healthcare Software Testing
  • Legacy to Cloud
  • Meaningful Use
S2 Infotech International has extensive experience across the all industries in world. We help our clients set new standards of excellence.

S2 Infotech International deliver the right solution for you and your valuable business.