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IT Security

If government agencies, citizens and businesses are to savor the fruits of e-government to the full, the underlying IT infrastructure must be built and run to the very highest standards of security, data privacy and availability. Today’s networks increasingly use the Internet, and therefore have external interfaces. This network topology creates vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to attack business applications and to gain access to business-critical data undetectedly. Business organizations of all shapes, sizes and industries, require effective protection against external threats of this kind. S2IIL e-governance offering delivers maximum protection, complete compliance with applicable legislation, and draws on a long and successful track record in this very specific field. In fact, S2IIL has many customers in the public sector, and has implemented IT Security for over 50,000 users. When a cyber security breach occurs, you want experts who know how to respond with speed and scale. Your breach is not the time for on-the-job training. With S2IIL, you can be confident that some of the best cyber security experts are not only analyzing and stopping the threat, but also preventing threats no one’s yet seen.

S2IIL has more than 10 years of technical and investigative expertise in cyber security. This knowledge allows us to formulate effective incident response, evaluate the efficacy of your security program against real-world attackers, and develop effective security operations that minimize the risk and impact of future incidents. We’ve codified our understanding of the evolving threat landscape and attacker behavior into state-of-the art security products that detect what others miss across all vectors to help you respond quickly and effectively. This gives S2IIL unrivaled expertise to defend you against threats, resolve incidents quickly and prepare for tomorrow’s attacks. And in a world where threats continually evolve and skilled staff is scarce, exposure to S2IIL experts often helps security teams advance their own skills.